Thanks for your support of LUVGLO and Habitat for Hope!

Most importantly, we would like to thank you for coming to our first LUVGLO event in downtown Memphis and supporting the work of Habitat for Hope. We have received feedback from some of our runners that there was some confusion in the wayfinding of the course. This was by no means our intention. From what we can deduce, it appears that some early runners took a wrong turn, and in turn, several followed. We want to reassure our runners that MPD helped us appropriately mark the course with cones. We also heard from a couple of our volunteers that an attempt was made to redirect a group, but instead, some runners chose to follow, or inadvertently followed those that were “off course”. LUVGLO 2013 had 1,050 registered runners, roughly 900 on the course the evening of April 26.

Regarding extra distance ran and timing, we have no way of knowing which of you ran off-course and for how long, and as such can not adjust timing.

Our events are completely run by volunteers and by our Habitat for Hope staff members. If you were misdirected by a volunteer, we sincerely apologize. LUVMUD/LUVGLO races are the primary source of funding for our nonprofit, Habitat for Hope. LUVMUD/LUVGLO has no operating budget independent of our charity, so 100% of proceeds after costs go to the work of our nonprofit. We thank you for your support and hope you will join us again.

It is our hope that you give us some grace. For those of you who did run longer and were proud of your accomplishment…ROCK ON. For those of you that were frustrated by the extra mileage or the effect on your recorded time, we apologize. Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers ran the appropriately marked course. Most of you completed the course right on track and had a great race. For some of you, this was your first 5K ever and we want to thank you for your allowing us to experience that with you.

Our races are not NORMAL 5k events. As many of you have experienced with our LUVMUD races, its about the experience, the challenge, the fun, and using a creative event to make a positive impact in the city of Memphis. This event is something to take home with you, share with your friends and create memories with friends and loved ones. Many of you had this positive experience Friday night and some of you were justifiably frustrated with some course confusion. We addressed this as quickly as we could and tried to get everyone back on the right path.

In the last 4 years we have had over 6000 people run our events. We do all we can to put on a crazy, fun and memorable event that brings you and your friends back every year. Our hope is that you will remember the LUV and the GLO from LUVGLO 2013, and the opportunity to spend an evening with friends (new and old) that are making Memphis an incredible place to live and play.

If you would like to address me directly you may do so by emailing me at mark(at)

LUVMUD / LUVGLO Sponsorship Info

Habitat for Hope and LUVMUD would like to thank the following sponsors from last year.  We are ACTIVELY pursuing sponsorships this year  if you are interested, please contact us at or call 1-855-iLUVMUD.

This is a tremendous opportunity and great exposure for your business. Last year there were over  900 runners, over 2000 in attendance, print advertising in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Memphis Flyer, Memphis Health and Fitness and many online running and race websites.   We also received front page coverage in the Commercial Appeal, online photo gallery and CA Media video.

We are expecting over 1500 runners this year and upwards of 3500 in attendance.

We also have 2 media partners this year that will INCREASE your exposure.  All platinum level sponsors will get daily radio advertising.

For more information, contact us today!

LUVMUD iPad Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the LUVMUD iPad Scavenger Hunt.

The rules are SIMPLE

Every day we will release a clue.

You must follow us on twitter at @LUVMUD5k to get the clue of the day

This clue will point you to a location.

At this location you will get 2 clues.

First Clue – Hint to the next clue location (that will be given the next day)

Second Clue –Hint to the FINAL iPad Hiding spot in Memphis.
You have to go to the location to get the final iPad hiding spot location clue (clue #2).

Everyday…the 2nd clue will be get you one step closer to the final hiding spot.
All the clues add up to give you the overall clue as to where the final hiding spot is.

Every day the spot location will be time sensitive.

Have fun and happy hunting.

If you have questions email us at
*Please do not do anything illegal.

Day 1:
“He can’t see but her sure can cook.  Share a meal with the new Bear downtown.”   Location of clue was:  Blind Bear Speakeasy

Final Location Hint:
The final resting spot will be in a barrel or bucket of MUD.

Day 2:
“Come take a Trolley Friday Night, to see our art would be a Muddy Sight.”
Location: Trolly Gallery Tour – LUVMUD Photography Exhibit at Klein Fitnesss

Final Location Hint:
Do you feel the Spirit Moving?

Day 3:
Next Location Clue:
“Need some mud check the flyer, to find the iPad you will need to be a buyer.”  Memphis Flyer – look for a QR code

Final Location Hint:
“We don’t sell mud but we sell dirty things.”

Day 4:

Next Location Clue:
Visit out fall home where the Buffalo Roam – Shelby Farms Park

Final Location Hint:
This MUD doesn’t settle down.