1. All participants must wear appropriate running shoes. No Crocs, flip flops, boat shoes, etc.
  2. All participants must present a valid photo ID and sign a bib number form and a waiver prior to entry to the course.
  3. All participants must check in on race day at least one hour before the start of their scheduled wave.
  4. All participants must run with the wave in which they registered or they will be disqualified.
  5. All teams must enter the final mud pit together. The slowest time on the team is the official time.    There will be a penalty area just short of the finish line where you will be required to wait for your entire team before being allowed to finish.
  6. All participants must finish the race with a bib number and all issued wristbands to be eligible for prizes.
  7. All participants must negotiate the entire course as marked and complete all obstacles to the satisfaction of the obstacle monitors to be eligible for prizes.
  8. Obstacle monitors are the final authority on rule violations. Individual obstacles have different requirements and not meeting those will result in a penalty or disqualification from the race and prize eligibility.
  9. All obstacles must be completed; there is no passing on any obstacle, including those that are vertical.
  10. Participants who conduct themselves in an unsafe manner will be removed from the course. LUMUD reserves the right to refuse course entry and continued participation to any person who is conducting himself in an unsafe or unsportsmanlike manner.
  1. Kids’ obstacles are not open to the public for fun. They are for the kids’ run participants only. They are not warm-up areas for the adult race.
  2. LUVMUD reserves the right to alter these rules as necessary for the safety and protection of all participating athletes.